Saturday, 7 May 2016

Electronic Oddities.... the album!

The Electronic Oddities Podcast is a podcast I started to showcase various styles of electronic music. I started out with a mixed bag of stuff in each show and now I'm moving into a few themed shows. I intended from the start to do a run of 13 weekly shows and then to see how it had gone and reassess if it was working out or not. In future shows I hope to showcase synthpop, kosmische, noise, the urban dance of the 1980s and ambient music.

But now a new idea strikes me in thinking how to end the current run of shows in a few weeks time with most of the shows planned out in terms of theme if not fully in terms of content. That idea is to showcase an album of fresh, new electronic music made especially for the final podcast and heard there first.

My podcasts run to between 100-120 minutes and I don't really want to go over the 2 hour mark as this would then seem too long to most people (I am guessing). So in thinking about this album possibility that is my time limit for the totality of the music: 2 hours. So therefore if I was going to take submissions your idea for a 45 minute piece of abstract electronics is probably not going to fly. It simply wouldn't give other people a chance and would cut down on the number of different pieces I could accept.

So, to think about it more explicitly, it would seem there need to be a few rules:

1. I make an ELECTRONIC MUSIC podcast. So pieces must be expressly electronic and in a recognizable electronic style. I'm the judge of if your piece fits this criteria. (So no country, rock or acoustic. But anything from a noise wall to psychedelic weirdness to dance beats is fine. As well as anything else electronic.)

2. Pieces must be no longer than 10 minutes long but can be any length shorter than that.

3. The piece remains your property as do the rights to it. I just ask that before you release it yourself you allow me to play it on my 13th and final podcast of this series. That will be on July 1st. Thereafter you can publish it or do whatever you want with it. Its yours, after all. 

4. First come, first served and I reserve the right to politely turn down your submission in my desire to get as wide a variety of music as possible. I wouldn't want one style to dominate what I hope to be a varied showcase of new and current electronic music. So a rejection wouldn't mean I don't like your track. It would mean on this occasion it doesn't suit my very specific purposes. So don't take it personally.

5. Contact for this project will be done through Twitter. My name there is @Absurd13t so please direct any questions to me there.

6. All songs must be in to me by June 15th 2016. If I haven't got it by then, regardless of reason, it won't be included in the podcast. No exceptions. ALL SUBMISSIONS TO BE IN WAV FORMAT ONLY PLEASE.

7. If you intend to do a track please let me know so I can begin to map out the podcast in my head. It will also stop you wasting your time if I already have 25 submissions.

So that's all I can think of regarding this right now. If you want to be included please let me know. And maybe remember that the show is called the Electronic Oddities Podcast as you create.

Thanks for reading.

You can hear the Electronic Oddities Podcast at  

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