Sunday, 6 December 2015

Ten Sunday Thoughts

1. The greatest enemy to you learning something Is what you think you already know.

2. Imagine if everyone Tomorrow went out and made a new friend, someone who was NOT like them. Would that change things?

3. What did you do yeSterday that made a difference?

4. If its so easy for Us to see what is wrong with the world why does no one ever fix it?

5. What is more imPortant, people or things?

6. If people gave up believing in gods and spirits how much more would they achieve realizing that iTs in human hands to make things better?

7. If you were a Prime Minister or a President cOuld you give the order to kill people?

8. There are millions of people on Earth who don't understand what You are talking about.

9. Everything that lives alsO dies.

10. Why would anyone ever have thoUght it was OK to have slaves.... or kill people for some imagined deficiency of race, creed, colour or orientation? 

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